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If updating can not be done due to trouble such as thimera body does not start please use independent updater.

Confirmation when CPU temperature is not displayed
AMD Ryzen, Threadripper on Windows 10 needs to enable old driver usage mode (Win10/AMD).


[version 0b166 Rev.4 / 2020/12/31]
Fixed a bug that freezes due to a close request from the updater.

[version 0b166 Rev.3 / 2020/12/31]
Fixed a bug in NVIDIA's video utilization rate and changed NVIDIA's video utilization rate in 64bit to encoder / decoder.
Fixed a bug in screenshots (rectangle selection).

[version 0b166 Rev.2 / 2020/12/31]
Fixed a bug in 0b166.
 ・ Fixed bugs such as not being able to minimize under some conditions after changing the mouse action.
 ・ Fixed a bug that resets every frame when the temperature color is turned on.
 ・ Returned so that 50 degree offset can be applied even with Ryzen (17h).
 ・ Fixed a bug that the setting screen does not change when the DisplaySet is changed.
Fixed a bug when displaying / resizing the window.
Reduced the problem that the display position of the saved window may be corrupted.
Fixed a bug that some units are displayed with incorrect digits in the unit 1000 mode.
Fixed a bug that the check status of the main menu may not match the setting.
Improvement of the minimum update system for items introduced in 0b166.

[version 0b166 Rev.1 / 2020/12/30]
Fixed a bug in 0b166.
 ・Fixed the problem that deadlock occurs in some operations on properties.
 ・Improved the problem that the window drawing interval becomes uneven due to the thread synchronization of data acquisition.
 ・Fixed a bug that the calculation of real-time CPU clock and magnification is not valid.
Readjusted the display / non-display of windows by mouse action.
Changed the calculation process of frame waiting time.

[version 0b166 / 2020/12/29]
Changed to reconnect every 5 seconds 3 times if the weather acquisition fails.
Fixed a bug that the utilization text of some GPUs and drives was not updated in 0b165.
Changed the height of the report window so that it does not exceed the screen size.
Fixed a bug that "Exit" of the keymap did not work with hotkeys.
JPEG format can be used for wallpaper.
Make sleep hibernation. Renamed Standby to Suspend and applied force / no force settings.
Double-click the DisplaySet button to edit the mouseover character string.
Synchronization of update frames of various numerical values.
Added 5 types of update frame frequency specifications and moved to "Frame speed".
 Set the recommended value when setting the preset.
Improvement of overall processing speed centered on drawing. Introduced antialiasing calculation processing for some drawing.
Fixed some crash causes.
Changed to draw each item only when updating the display contents.
Character frame judgment at the time of layering is limited to non-antialiasing characters only.
Introduced OpenSSL1.1.1i for Web communication on old OS.
Sound analyzer
 ・ By brushing up the whole and synchronizing the threads, the display becomes smoother and has a shorter delay.
 ・ Fixed a bug that the wave band display collapses when the volume is raised.
 ・ Unified band graph color calculation to floating point.
 ・ Addition of Circle 1 and Sparkle.
 ・ Changed device selection from numerical value to text list.
 ・ Changed the volume specification to a section of 0.010 to 3.000 times.
Audio visualization decoration for live stream - Stage 1
 Circle 1, Circle 1 side, and Sparkle are made independent of the sound analyzer and created for applications such as live streams.
 Basically, it is supposed to be used for "window capture + chrome key" or "screen capture + layered" such as OBS.

[*DMTt7 version 0b2 Rev.1]
  Changed to display network drives in folder selection.

[version 0b165 Rev.3 / 2020/08/16]
Fixed a problem with the network I/O transfer rate display of 0b165.
Reduced mixing of display languages for properties.

[version 0b165 Rev.2 / 2020/08/15]
In 0b165, fixed a bug that did not start correctly when updating.

[version 0b165 Rev.1 / 2020/08/15]
Fixed a bug that the value is not updated when the I/O graph is OFF on 0b165 disk and net.
Changed to be able to specify the text update frequency of Memory by style. (Default 20 frames)
For users who are worried about the load, added a setting to specify 5 kinds of presets in the item of frame speed.

[version 0b165 / 2020/08/14]
Fixed a problem in Sound Analyzer where a memory leak might occur when the device was changed.
Fixed the problem that the menu etc. may freeze when the monitor is turned off.
Fixed the problem that monitor offkeep may not be maintained properly.
In Vista or later, support for OS specifications that make HDD network drives invisible when started with administrator privileges.
Deleted old display list of logical drive and local/remote option. Removable and CDROM are also displayed. After that, use individual ON/OFF.
Fixed that Style Lock settings were not saved.
Apply fonts to the display set style.
Completely abolished the thermal network.
Compatible with some new motherboards.
Added display ON/OFF settings for each item on the motherboard.
Added ON/OFF of the front display to the main menu.
Organized page by item in property window and summarized in setting 1.
Each window other than the property also supports DPI.
Supports DPI changes due to movement between monitors.
Changed so that process handles that could not be opened will not be opened again in the top process system.
Changed to be able to specify the usage and I/O text update frequency in style.
 [*DMTt7 version 0b2]
   Fixed the problem that the display collapsed when the folder settings were deleted.
   Fixed that editing folder settings did not open when double-clicking on the list.
   Changed to be written in English in environments other than Japanese.

[version 0b164 Rev.1 / 2020/06/10]
Fix an error in the unit of power consumption (wattage) in a part of Radeon.
Fix so that normal and SA of the task tray icon can be set correctly and arbitrarily.
〇 Changed to be able to set display on/off of each GPU information.

[version 0b164 / 2020/06/09]
Added new acquisition method of NVIDIA to 64-bit version, and changed to prioritize it if available.
  NVIDIA's wattage can now be taken with the 64-bit version unless the OS, board, and driver are old.
  %TPD (ratio of power consumption to maximum power) may be displayed in other environments.
Added display of power consumption (wattage) in some of Radeon.
Addition of display of power consumption (wattage) on AMD-Ryzen or later of CPU and part of Intel. On by default.
Since the number of CPU display items has increased, the clock multiplier has been changed to hidden by default.
Changed so that the task tray icon can both display normal icon and sound analyzer icon.

[version 0b163 Rev.1 / 2020/06/03]
Fixed a bug that caused a crash when getting new Radeon information.
Excluded because calls to functions added in NVIDIA's 0b163 can cause a fatal failure.

[version 0b163 / 2020/06/02]
Corresponds to the acquisition of information on the new Radeon.
The Keep monitor off function(Execution type) is added to one means of avoiding the DisplayPort problem, etc.
  This function does not affect the PC at all unless "Keep monitor OFF" is executed.
Added the display of %TPD (percentage of TPD) for NVIDIA power consumption. In the case of Quadro/Tesla it may be wattage.

[version 0b162 Rev.6 / 2020/04/25]
Fixed the bug that the balloon of SERVER_NOT_FOUND is generated when it is started without connecting to the network.
Fixed the bug that the date item setting was not saved correctly by DisplaySet.
Fixed a part of the description bug in the vertical style.
The registration and start buttons have been deactivated because the function used for service startup does not exist in XP.

[version 0b162 Rev.5 / 2020/04/22]
The rest of old UI was collapsed in 0b162 Rev.3.

[version 0b162 Rev.4 / 2020/04/22]
The reduction image of thiltan was very dirty at low DPI.

[version 0b162 Rev.3 / 2020/04/22]
Fixed the CH Graph of the sound analyzer.
Fixed the bug that the display item setting of Hyper-V was missing.
Apply to some display items to which Display Set was not applied.
The position information of the object that became unnecessary at the time of the old UI was deleted.

[version 0b162 Rev.2 / 2020/04/14]
The bug that the value of CPU multi, ICON graph, ICON tip, and GPU became wrong because the parent number of CPU x10 by 0b162 was fixed.
Fixed a bug in 0b162 that prevented memory-related options from working.
It is corrected that the numerical display of the logical drive was still old-fashioned.
The old default SNTP server is very unstable, so the old default SNTP server is automatically changed if it is configured.
Changed the application of 32x32 icon display from 16 dots or more per line to 32 dots or more in process icon display.

[version 0b162 Rev.1 / 2020/04/13]
Fixed a bug that crashes when 0b162 is used with XP.

[version 0b162 / 2020/04/12]
Change the configuration to 0b160 series, and change the compile environment to VC2015 again.
 If you had a problem last time, please report anything in particular.
The M/G selection of logical drive display is extended to Byte/k/M/G/T. Added a comma display process for 64-bit numbers.
Added "Save Screenshot (thilmera main window)" to save the screenshot from the main menu.
The option of "Split the I/O system into two by one line" was added in the vertical style.
Fixed a bug where the real-time report was not automatically updated.
In 7s license management, change to reset registration that is more than 30 days old since last access so that the frame can be reused.
Changed to display the remaining days in the main window when the remaining days of the license become 31 days or less when the 7s license is valid.
The internal data structure of Display Set was renewed and changed so that the Set can be copied.
It is changed so that the lower space can be specified by the unit of the dot for each order specification.
Adjust the number of decimal places. Percentages are two digits; SUM systems are one digit.
 The size system is: integer 4 digits or more = 0, integer 3 digits = 1, integer 2 digits or less = 2 digits.
In the case of the truncation of the number of characters, the root may be shifted when full-width and half-width characters are mixed.
The root that multi-byte character is used in the file path is changed to all Unicode.
Fixed a bug that the property window display is corrupted at high DPI.
Changed to display 32x32 icon when the display range of process icon exceeds 16 pixels for high DPI.
Fixed a bug in the top process system that caused other processes that create crash reports to remain as ghosts.
Added Active Lamp display for Wave Band and Spectrogram to Sound Analyzer.
 Organize and classify and fix the cause of peep corruption. Load reduction.
Major updates to the updater and changes to the delivery package format. The download size has been reduced by about half.
 In addition, since there are many cases in which the progress message is not understood in Windows 10, changed it to a window type.
 7u, 7us and 7up all rolled into one.

[version 0b161 / 2019/11/03]
The cause of the 0b160 system that does not work or malfunctions due to the environment is judged
 to be unsolvable in the development environment VC2015,
 the development environment is returned to the previous one, and all changes are transplanted.
Automatic update is not possible when the OS is turned off, so the execution YES / NO window
 can be opened when there is an update from about in the main menu or about from the property.

[version 0b160 Rev.1 / 2019/10/28]
Fixed a crash when using an old configuration file that uses non-existent dot font.

[version 0b160 / 2019/10/24]
The compilation environment was changed to VC2015. Updated to JPEG 9c, PNG 1.6.37, zlib 1.2.11.
Supports temperature acquisition of Ryzen models 10h, 30h and 70h. (Ryzen2000, 3000)
Addressed a bug in the OS that reduced the display when the DPI was set to 100% on a 4k monitor.
 And DPI support in multi-monitor environments.
Changed to be able to get the temperature and information such as NVMe correctly at HDD temperature.
Changed to display as a percentage when SSD life time can be taken at HDD temperature.
Fixed a case where some occupancy rate information and fan information are not displayed in Radeon.
Fixed the old kernel bar remaining in the top process system when it is blank.
Fixed a bug where memory compression was no longer displayed in the memory bar on Windows 10.
Modified so that the target user setting for startup by the service does not affect restart or promotion at startup.
In the top process display, the second and subsequent process IDs with the same name are no longer displayed.
In the top process display, when there are two or more of the same name, the first process ID is also displayed.
Changed so that the process ID display disappears when the same name appears on the top process display.
A bug that sometimes crashes when opening a real-time report has been modified. The report window for real-time reports has been
 changed to be drawn in the main thread.
Display / hide setting for each drive unit is added to the logical disk display.

[version 0b159 Rev. 1 / 2019/06/01]
Reorganized ADL GPU acquisition management including Radeon system, including 19.5.1 or later.
 Fixed a case where it did not display well or was not displayed.

[version 0b159 / 2019/05/31]
Fixed the problem that the graph is not updated if the whole is turned off and only List and ListGraph are turned on in the disk IO.
Changed the error analyzer to another error flag in case of error permanently due to access denial or no device in Sound Analyzer.
 If you want to plug in a physical device and restore the display, use the menu restart.
Changed correction of graph interval by line pitch. If it is 1 or more, it works as it is, and even if it is set to 0, only the top and bottom
 of the graph change the specification that leaves 1 dot margin.
Various kinds of setting files ".ini", if the contents are empty for some reason or there is no file itself, automatically go back to
 ".ini.bak", ".ini.bak2" and have contents Changed to load.
Since the era has changed, change the date display sum history option from h to r.
Fixed the bug that the message box "f" for debugging appeared when drawing some floating point characters.
Fixed a bug that the top process system was not displayed on XP.
Fixed a bug that the CPU usage rate of the old specific process display was not displayed.
Since GDI + introduced at 0b157 has been found to always leak memory without using GDI + drawing only by specifying HDC,
 cancel antialiasing of the line and cut the GDI + link.
Changed to automatically turn off DXGI mode when failing to get GPU utilization in DXGI mode on Windows 10.
Changed the default reference source of CPU utilization from PDH to NtQuery.
The default reference source of the CPU multi utilization rate has been changed from PDH to NtQuery. Changed to display kernel time.
Change the reference source of top process system from PDH to NtQuery and reduce weight including related. Changed to display kernel time.
Changed to try acquisition of N, 6 and 5 in order of overdrive to cope with the problem that GPU related is not displayed in
 Radeon system 19.5.1 or later.

Mirroring tool, version 0b1 Beta of DMTt7 is included.
 It is possible to start from the main menu. Can be used alone. See help or readme for details.
 (Japanese Only)

[version 0b158 Rev.2 / 2019/03/25]
Fixed a memory leak that occurred every time a color change occurred at 0b157 or later.
File specification related to wallpaper, dot font, color theme
 ・Fixed the bug that the operation becomes unstable if there is no normal file with the set name.
 ・Fixed the bug that a reconfiguration attempt occurs in a loop when a complete empty is specified in each.
When the disk I/O top is off + the total disk I/O top is on in the drive, there is a problem that empty space is generated without acquisition.
In the sound analyzer, the error display of 0x80070005 (ACCESS DENIED) is always displayed depending on the environment,
 so in the case of the corresponding error, change the display setting to OFF.
Fixed a bug that CapsUnlock may not work well.

[version 0b158 Rev.1 / 2019/03/05]
Fixed a problem that the main window displayed on the sub monitor will return to the main monitor in some cases.
Fixed monitor judgment targeted for position correction.
Change the vertical width of the monitor displaying the main window so that the body does not over.
Fixed a bug that caused almost all to be displayed outside the screen when starting up with Remote Desktop etc. at 0b158.
In some environments, the utilization rate is not displayed in Radeon type non-DXGI mode and the defect fix is corrected and
 the availability rate acquisition accuracy in non-DXGI is improved.
Fixed that Yahoo Weather did not display the condition (weather) of the day.
AMD family 15h model 7Xh temperature acquisition test (not tested).

[version 0b158 / 2019/03/02]
The yahooapis service used by Yahoo Weather stopped, so it corresponds to the new specification that uses the API key and changed to that.
 Refer to help "Regional temperature and weather" for usage.
Fixed a bug that the display collapses when there are two or more network profiles.
Fixed a bug that the reference value of alert is not the usage rate but the vacancy rate when it is displayed in the theoretical drive display
 with the free space display.
When the vertical width becomes wider than the display, change to match the top of the display instead of under.
The possibility of crashing when screen shot of rectangle selection may be fixed possibly.
When copying the contents of "thilmera7key.ini" which is the save destination of the password and API key to the PC of another computer name,
 it is changed so that it is not loaded in the thilmera.

[version 0b157 Rev.1 / 2018/12/17]
Corrected the problem that occurred in the person who was normal until now by correcting the problem of flying out of the screen
 with polygonal multi monitor done at 0b157.
Fixed an issue where the option of +50°C and -49°C of AMD did not function correctly at 0b157.
Fixed a problem that may cause mismatch between motherboard and AUX temperature with normal version.
Apply specification update of S version license.

[version 0b157 / 2018/12/06]
Added setting for anti-aliasing to CPU tachometer.
Add a tachometer to network I / O.
Changed the maximum value of the IO series to change from the maximum value in the graph to the past maximum value
 and use the logarithm to calculate the ratio.
 You can reset the maximum value from the property.
Because the temperature rises by + 50 ° C from the Ryzen 2xxx system of AMD very much, the option to -49 is added.
  However, even if it is adjustable, please report it when it is + 50 ℃ higher.
Change the offset from 50 to 49 because the temperature of the Ryzen 2xxx series of AMD is likely to be
 49°C difference rather than 50°C difference.
Fixed a bug that occasionally the judgment that the setting file can not be written when the HDD etc is under high load, may not start up.
Fixed some security vulnerabilities.

[version 0b156 Rev.2 / 2018/10/23]
Fixed a problem that all automatic unit display used for top process, IO speed etc. was treated as 1000 units.
Fixed a problem that large blanks could be made with specific settings.
Fixed bug that proxy could not deal with case without password
Ryzen Threadripper 2 *** Create an offset route and adjust display temperature.

[version 0b156 Rev.1 / 2018/10/17]
Fixed a problem that occurred in Radeon (AMD/ATI) environment at 0b156.

[version 0b156 / 2018/10/16]
Significant adjustment of the UI design of the setting screen.
Measures against overflow of character string processing (2)
Fixed a problem that some memories are broken when the top process system is on.
Fixed a problem that a problem occurred when R off and unit G were combined with CPU clock.
Copy old version report to clipboard so that it is copied only when clipboard button is pressed instead of display.
In cases other than Japanese, change the process to open the site to refer to the English version URL.
Change Disk I / O list so that display / non-display can be selected for each logical drive.
In the Net I / O list, changed so that display / non-display can be selected for each network device.
Added the following to the motherboard information on a trial basis. However, NCT 6795D has not been tested untested.
IT 8731 F, IT 8732 F, IT 8733 F, IT 8622 E, IT 8786 E, IT 8790 E, IT 8792 E, NCT 6792 D, NCT 6793 D, NCT 6795 D, NCT 6796 D
Sound analyzer
 · Fixed the problem that the last data before silence when notRender was on remained as afterimage.
 · Loop processing occurs when the device can not be found, so change to turn off setting in that case.
Fixed a bug that disappears as a line feed code if a directory containing \ n is specified in the configuration file.
Fixed a bug that is displayed 50 degrees higher on Ryzen 2700X.
http, https Adjustment of request processing.
Saved set of display items between 0 and 9, changed so that you can switch arbitrarily. The default and takeover of the old version is number 0.
In the setting file, changed to export to thilmera7key.ini what is troubled if it is not easy to read the contents.
Twitter API
 · Function to tweet usage rate and temperature regularly. (thilmera 7s)
 · The ability to display your timeline. (thilmera 7s)
Ability to post usage rate and temperature periodically using Discord's Webhook. (thilmera 7s)
Use Yahoo Weather to display the temperature and weather in the zip code area.
Add Bittrex, Yobit, Btc-Alpha, CRYPTOPIA to the virtual currency BTC.
In some environments of Windows 10, if the top process GPU is activated in response to the problem that GPU utilization
 rate in DXGI mode can not be acquired by updating. Changed to apply the sum value.
Changed to be able to select descending order or ascending order in top process order.

[version 0b155 Rev.1 / 2018/05/13]
Handling of character strings, fixed number of memory Fixed a problem that the heap was broken if it was
 data of exact length. (Important correction)
Since the method of obtaining the BIOS information added at 0b155 causes problems such as crashing due to
 the environment, Changed to acquisition by all means.
Measures against overflow of character string processing (1)
Fixed a bug that the CPU clock real time setting can not be turned off on the normal version property screen.
Fixed a problem in which height of 16 dots is maintained even without icon display when combining IconOFF+KeepON.
Fixed a bug that 0d155, HDD savings of each drive display hidden setting will be wrong.
 (Since it can not be restored, it is on when changing from 0b155, it will stay as it is before changing from 0b154)
From 0b154, fixed the problem that the drive name was interrupted on the status and the property screen which
 is not the HDD temperature list display.
Fixed a problem that settings may not be loaded correctly depending on the timing when loading the setting file.
Improve automatic line feed of HDD and mother board.

[version 0b155 / 2018/05/11]
From 0b154, the working directory is activated not by the location of the main body of thilmera but by
 the OS etc., Fixed a problem where behavior may be wrong (may not start).
From 0b154, fixed the problem that the heap is broken with old report. Other, some internal processing changes.
CPU real-time clock
 · Refresh all acquisition methods and calculation methods and open to regular version.
 · From AMM fixed at 100 Mhz to magnification notation based on External Clock (derived from BIOS)
   (new method is calculated back calculation).
 · Ryzen compatible
Old-style report
 · Main body of text, Wind enumeration, HDD, system device, CPU information to Unicode.
 · Added information output such as External Clock to CPU information.
   Added information output such as BIOS to system information.
Change UAC launcher to Unicode.
Change the offset of AMD-Ryzen to one that takes second generation into consideration
  (2nd generation is only 10 degrees for 2700X)
Height of the icon Keep and fine adjustment between the lines.
Added communication volume counter (total communication bytes within a specific period (1000 units)).
 For reference such as WiMAX 3day transfer volume.

[version 0b154 Rev.2 / 2018/05/02]
Since 0b154, since the argument reference was Ansi, it fixed a problem that caused a crash.
Changed so that you can choose whether to keep the height if the line height is less than or equal to the icon.

[version 0b154 Rev.1 / 2018/05/02]
From 0b154, the display value of the process GPU was ten times more corrected.

[version 0b154 / 2018/05/01]
Change all programs so that they can be started with non-administrator authority, and finish the Lite version.
 With non-administrator authority, as much as possible within the authority. All functions can be used with
 administrator privileges.
 When moving with non-administrator authority, cancel UAC or add "not_admin" as an argument at the time of start,
 so that administrator authority Confirm UAC can be skipped.
 If the configuration file can not be written by executing non-administrator authority due to reasons such as the main
  body under Program Files etc. as an error I will finish.
· Fixed a problem that 0 is increased from the top to the SUM saved value of the disk list from 0b153.
· Fixed that the bar color of GR had collapsed from 0b153.
From 0b151, fixed the problem that was drawing actual half of the temperature graph + 2 SIDE.
Disk IO
· Fixed the problem that 4 kinds of IO, IO graph, list IO, list IO graph could not be set properly arbitrarily.
· Fixed a problem that partial display did not return when IO and graph were turned off> ON.
Top process system
· In the icon display, the height is corrected when the height of the letters is insufficient and the icon can not be
 displayed completely.
· Change from acquisition to display to Unicode.
Change data share to Unicode (data from old version will be Connect False)
Added graph display of memory (in use).
Transition of programs to part of Unicode as a whole. Unicode configuration file. Some internal processing changes.
The HDD (smart) display was modified to fix blank lines according to the width and to prevent HDD: at the beginning
 of the second and subsequent lines.
Added display function of current price of each exchange of virtual currency BTC to the network.
Fixed issues such as memory leak in HTTPS communication and changed to work in parallel.
Sound analyzer
· Corrected the problem that striped pattern (groove where the waveform does not rise) appears when viewed mainly on
 the spectrogram display.
· Changed so that upper limit of Hertz band can be specified in kilometer (1 khz - 20 khz).
· Changed to take the number of elements of 'window width or height' from 100 fixed number of elements.
· As a result, the calculation of large books is consolidated by the number of dods displayed, and it is changed to
 practically stepless.
· Improvement of intermediate value calculation.
· Almost accurate scale display of each Hertz scale, A0~C8(@440 Hz) position indication. Position indication of 20-20k.
· Fixed the problem that Hertz band shifts due to Wallet's WAIT value.
· Changed to calculate according to the size when reducing to less than the number of elements.
 (Especially improvement of low band etc.)
· Because it became possible to process at high speed, we abolished the upper limit value to be truncated in time
 in time in an environment with a large amount of data such as 192 kHz.
· Improve channel accuracy.
· Added mode for simultaneously displaying Spectrogram + Spectrum.
· Change the upper limit of Height from 300 to 2000.
· Changed so that SA can be used for task tray icon even in the regular version.

[version 0b153 Rev.4 / 2018/04/05]
Sound analyzer
· Significant improvement in processing speed etc.
· The display range is changed to display in the range of about 50-3000 Hz band.
· From 0b153 (~Rev.3), fixed a problem of crashing in some environments.
· From 0b153 Rev.3, Fixed a bug that Sound Analyzer IN was referring to OUT.

[version 0b153 Rev.3 / 2018/04/02]
In the sound analyzer, revise the calculation that the gauge was hard to rise as it became a treble.
Weight reduction of overall processing.
Bug From 0b153, when turning off CPU utilization rate, the display after that will be stopped due to exception
 occurrence is fixed.

[version 0b 153 Rev.2 / 2018/04/02]
From 0b153,
· When mouse over is hidden while using Sound Analyzer, the size is changed and it flashes.
· The network adapter name is cut off.
· Motherboard information is not loaded correctly.
 Fixed above.

[version 0b153 Rev.1 / 2018/04/01]
From 0b153, fixed the problem that dot font specification becomes invalid when Fixed is off.
Changed some Intel CPUs to exclude those whose clock magnification is 255 from the average.

[version 0b153 / 2018/04/01]
Added icon display function to top process system and real time report.
 If you do not want to display in the top process, turn off the process> icon.
Changed to use alphabetic characters from memory cached contents even when using OS font.
Fixed a problem that characters are missing when OS fonts are used and started in a minimized state.
Fixed the problem that decimal point of kilometer display of drive information becomes 0 from 0b152.
From 0b152, the problem of color theme switching was not applied successfully.
From 0b151, there was a problem with the CPU reference of the icon graph, and the display was incorrect.
From 0b148, the problem that the "OVER LANG LINES" message appears due to a problem in display language processing has been fixed.
Mouseover Opaque and changed so that window movement does not occur when mouse transmission is on.
 Fixed a bug that the background color was not switched by layered use.
Add an option to minimize right-clicking and make it temporary until the cursor is outside the window after
Reduction of load due to almost all drawing calculation off when minimized or not displayed. (About 40% load reduction)
Added cumulative disk I / O to the top process.
Responding to the problem that the disk I / O speed of the System process can not be taken.
In the real-time report, changed to automatically adjust the window width when using a large font.
Mainly a lot of code adjustment to 64bit and Unicode conversion of counters. Response to different language
 environments Part 2.
Changed the source of data because the core number of CPU information reports may be incorrect in recent CPUs.
Fixed a problem that the channel becomes silent when Channel Analyzer Channel is off and CH Graph is turned on.
Reset PEAK of the bar from the 5 second cycle as a whole to the specified number of seconds from each peak.
In Disk IO, adopt the display of% disk time, the highest value of the whole and each logical drive unit, and what is
Changed to display drive or most used.
Add real-time CPU clock compatible CPU. However, unconfirmed> Intel i7 series 5xxx 6xxx 7xxx.
 Not at the moment> AMD Ryzen
Because of the reduction in file size, coping with the problem that it is always erroneously detected by something
 like security software such as Avast.

[version 0b152 / 2018/02/28]
Added various kinds of power options and layered to command of key map and hot key.
Improved reading speed of setting file.
Added delay option on cursor end display. The setting to display only when the cursor is aligned with the end for
 the specified number of frames.
Change the cursor end display so that you can choose from 19 types of points reacting to the cursor.
Fixed that effect was lost when turning on / off the usb setting which was originally due to 0b150's HDD
 temperature change.
From 0b150, fix the problem that the drive list was not gone on the setting drive screen.
Fixed a bug that sometimes crashes when moving the size of the horizontal width of screen from 0b151.
Added setting to temporarily switch to normal display with semi-transparent window or layered, with mouse over.
Fixed a bug in bar display of drive information exceeding 10 TB.

[version 0b151 Rev.2 / 2018/02/03]
From 0b151, fixed a problem that crashes in some environments immediately after startup.
When using Win10 / AMD, it is a problem that the driver is being used by another process and it can not be overwritten,
 so change to not issue error message in case of error 32.
Fixed that peak display of CPU bar was gone. Fixed a bug that the CPU graph might be drawn beyond the height.

[version 0b151 Rev.1 / 2018/02/02]
Fixed a bug that some Fahrenheit settings were not applied.
Fixed the problem that the graph display of the temperature graph was broken than 0b151.
From 0b151, fixed the problem that changing the Spectrogram size of the sound analyzer breaks the memory.
From 0b151, fixed a problem that division by 0 occurred in multiple GPU SLI environment.
 (It is necessary to turn off DXGI now for the second and subsequent measurements of the SLI environment)

[version 0b151 / 2018/02/01]
Added a mode to forcibly replace old drivers to AMD-Ryzen temperature acquisition on Windows 10.
 However, since there is a known vulnerability, There is a problem of deteriorating security during use. Use caution.
Added the style "2 SIDE" that displays the IO graph from [one direction from the bottom] to [bidirectional from the
 top and bottom]. Default specification.
The IO graph has been changed to perform seamless horizontal alpha blending.
 Especially increasing the height of the graph solved the problem that the shape was difficult to understand when
 moving in the case of thin lines.
 Changes the calculation result so as to reduce the increased load while the maximum value of the graph does not change.
 Fixed one heap corruption bug.
Alpha blending of CPU system graph boundaries in the vertical direction. Calculation caching and lightening.
Cache the final color of the sound analyzer's Spectrogram.
 Adjustment of handling of variable character string and text display.
Changed to save valid / invalid setting of whole hot key.
Fixed the problem that GPU 's DXGI mode did not have the operating rate of some environments.
Added style to change the temperature display from Celsius to Fahrenheit.
Added style to change the unit of data from 1024 (binary prefix) to 1000 (SI prefix).

[version 0b150 / 2017/12/31]
0b148 Fixed residual defect from adjustment.
 Fixed a bug that the language file was mismatched in ANSI mode, and dust accumulated and errors exceeding the number of lines
 accumulated when the number of times of activation was large.
Change the property screen to automatically adjust the size according to DPI, and correspond to high DPI.
Replace the acquisition routine of HDD temperature information (SMART). It corresponds to Intel RAID and some NVMe.
 Refreshed the report's HDD information.
Added "Report: Realtime process detail" to display process detailed information in the report.
 Along with this, "process list" and "module list" which were not maintained were removed.
 The new report responds to the problem that 32-bit modules could not be enumerated on 64-bit thilmera.
 Execution command line display. Display of cumulative I / O count.
Nuvoton NCT 610 X, NCT 6791 D. ITE IT 8628 E on the acquisition list of motherboard information.
 Added Fintek F71869A, F71868, F71889, F71806F, F71805, F71808A.
 Changed the first motherboard information (Temp 0 or SYSTIN temperature) so that it can be seen in the regular version.
Set the number of hot keys that can be set to 32. Increase mouse hook to 24.
 Fixed problem to be set due to duplication of same key.
Added setting of whether to use DXGI result for VRAM number. Turn it off to see the NVIDIA library.
Added display function of CPU time (cumulative kernel time + user time) and elapsed time since the start of the
 process to the top process CPU.
Fixed a bug that will fly to a different monitor at startup, such as by fixing the lower right.
Fixed a problem that the numerical value becomes 0 if the number of frames is set to 1 in the IO type graph.
Fixed a bug that top processing system stopped working in XP.

[version 0b149 / 2017/11/30]
0b148 Fixed residual defect from adjustment.
  - Fixed the problem that graph color did not change with temperature graph + GR.
  - Fixed the total value of page file and the vertical display of detailed text of memory.
  - Fixed a bug where the date was wrong at 24h display in world time.
Added NVIDIA + IntelHD independent, fixed display setting for NVIDIA Optimus.
  - Changed VRAM to display in DXGI mode in Windows 8 or later (4G or more is recognized by DXGI) environment.
  - Changed the maximum value of sVram to adopt the adapter derived setting value.
   However, the use value may exceed the maximum value.
IO Total Value Added weekly and monthly to reset. Changed so that Shirma could not be activated when crossing 0 o'clock.
Added the temperature color setting to display the temperature graphs by changing the temperature variously.
Changed so that it is turned OFF again even if the cursor is moved for a short time after clicking the monitor power OFF.
Organize the task menu of the main menu short. Screen shot system, fold version system.
 "Monitor power off" moves to "Power supply option". "HDD SMART target reacquisition" moved to the property screen.
Sound analyzer
  - Added setting to make Spectrogram horizontal direction.
  - Surround speakers added Ch Room that visually shows at which position the volume is large s version.
  - Changed to respond correctly in 5.1ch and 7.1ch environment with band accuracy.
  - Also apply AutoPEAK to channels.
  - Fixed a bug that did not display well when using AutoPeak at some Hertz numbers.
  - Fixed a bug that may not be displayed when switching between devices when AutoPEAK or notRender is on.
  - Fixed a bug that sometimes crashed when changing speaker surround setting.
Added GPU memory (VRAM) usage order to top process system.
Added setting to display only temperature with GPU.
Disk I / O
  - Changed so that it can be recognized as a target even when the drive is turned on and off in the middle of USB etc.
  · Changed the top process type IO so that it displays both write and read. (Lite is outdated due to authority problem)
Weight reduction of calculation of processing of IO series graph.
Added left bottom fixation.
Add 8 mouse operations (relative move) to hot key setting.
 Added the function to switch the validity / invalidity of the hot key itself to the task tray menu.
In the TCP-UDP report, changed to display the host name of the line where the cursor is aligned. (IPv4 only)

[version 0b148 Rev.1 / 2017/11/01]
Temporary coping with the problem that CPU temperature etc can not be acquired on Windows 10 after updating 0b148.
(AMD Ryzen and Windows 10 are currently not possible)
Fixed a problem causing display collapse due to the number of digits in fixed unit display in DiskIO, NetworkIO.
In the result display of SNTP time adjustment, the setting not to display the result display frame like 0b148
or earlier is added normally.

[version 0b148 / 2017/10/31]
While maintaining the shape of the standard number of characters (34 characters) so far, by increasing the width,
calculate the number of characters that can be displayed at that time,
Changed to automatically adjust display position and title.
If traditional display is good regardless of size, turn off the font setting "Automatic text volume adjustment".
Added Spectrogram-like mode to Sound Analyzer. Raise the accuracy of non-S version.
Fixed the problem that GYR color conflicted with bar setting. Raise the precision of the channel.
The new standard CH Gain is 25%.
It corresponds to obtaining the CPU temperature in the current model of AMD Ryzen.
I arranged the temperature relationship of AMD type, so please report if there is a problem.
Enumerate and update all open IP and ports of UDP (including IPv6) on the PC in real time
"Report: Real-time TCP-UDP information" added.
s version can be specified by opening and closing by process or narrowing by port.
Fixed a bug that sometimes the number may be incorrect when you use the addition / subtraction limit etc in
the CPU series graph.
In the IO graph, when the speed exceeds 2 G, the bug that the Max value on the right of the graph got wrong was fixed.
Added option "Temperature" in addition to Disk IO, Logical Drive Display.
Change on the property page, report page, and sentence UI to respond to mouse wheel operation.
Process GPU changed to account for the difference between total GPU usage rate and total usage rate per
process as (Other).
Added 4k mode which treats everything as 2 × 2 blocks in dot font. Added font @7x9 @7x9s @7x9p.
Centering of double-byte character display in dot character width.
Set blue - cyan - green - yellow - red color to GYR default (0). Old GYR is 1 to 4.
The lite version supports VRAM display and GPU usage in DXGI mode.
When using the top process system in the network IO, display the number of connections from TCP only to
TCP + UDP (including v6)
Changed to display the total number of connections.
Added display of TCP establishment number and UDP usage number per process with s version top process NET.
Fundamentally change the source of NET speed display data. If you want to display the old specification,
set Old or turn off network IO.
Fixed a problem that changed the detection method of the system language and did not switch to the English mode
in the intended form.
Changed menu and property strings to Unicode.
Fixed a bug in the handling of language files and a full redo of translation in English notation.
Switching between English and Japanese by clicking Language: on the menu.
The old function gadget link and folder backup are abolished. The backup function will be examined in another form
in the future.
Some small changes in display.
Weight reduction and speeding up of some processing. Rearrangement of drawing system.
Added distribution format of installer type.

[version 0b147 Rev.1 / 2017/09/30]
In 0b147, when using the network IO graph of bps display, the problem that crashes due to heap corruption was fixed.
If this problem occurs and you do not start up, please update to Rev.1 with

[version 0b147 / 2017/09/30]
When uploading screenshot rectangle, add function to upload and share to server. See help.
Fixed the problem that the ratio of the kernel is not known when FullR reversed by CPU.
When the subtraction on the kernel time becomes negative for some reason,
there are cases where a large amount of loop processing occurs and stops. Fixed a problem.
Fixed a problem that may freeze for several tens of seconds when IO graph etc. exceeded unintended range.
Speed ??up the processing part to calculate finely and massively.
Change to the flat while inheriting the design of UI such as property. Reconsider color scheme etc.
The property screen itself is made to be scrollable as a page and the range is expanded so that display becomes
complicated by addition of functions. We started organizing parts. Fine adjustment of UI color.
When selecting a rectangle of the screen shot, if you close it with right click after selecting
BLACK FILL (black paint), the next rectangle selection will be blank. Fixed a bug that would get it.
Added setting to fix the width to the maximum of the current display.
ini.bak ini.bak2, two ini.bak ini.bak 2, which ini file is lost when the OS stops while writing to disk due to some
trouble. One time before the file. Changed to rename the previous ini file from the current file and keep it.
The Sound Analyzer's channel bar has been renewed as its own drawing. Set chBar to default setting.
Added 3 types to GYR color. 0-3 Traditional, 4-7 GR style, 8-11 high and low color fixed.
Changed so that the sound analyzer is displayed even in the light version.
Added GYR color blend to color setting instead of primary color GYR color blend using gradation color set.

[version 0b146 / 2017/08/01]
Fixed the problem that when the color inversion of FullR occurred in CPU multi, the inversion width was line by line.
Fixed a problem that the numerical value before memory compression was used as the usage amount in Windows 10
environment with memory 0b144 or later and top process system on.
Fixed a problem that it is not processed normally when the fraction becomes the range where the fraction is
generated by the monitor arrangement in the screen shot.
I/O Graph Fixed a bug that real-time graph display was no longer displayed when 10 frames were turned off.
Changed the I/O graph so that it can be arbitrarily determined within 1 to 32 frames, not 1 or 10 frames.
Fixed a bug that the display remains when top-process GPU has finished using the GPU and its processes remain.
Clicking the task tray icon when the cursor edge display is on turns ON / OFF the display of thilmera's display
Change as possible. Valid with setting toggle.
Added CapsUnlock function to keep CAPS LOCK unlocked. The setting is the property detail tab.
When "regist_service" is passed to the first argument on the command line, it is changed so that service
registration can be performed. When "remove_service" is passed to the first argument,
it is changed so that the service can be deleted.
Change the background of the popup of the property screen description from solid color to solid color.
Changed the kernel to display with mem-modified color in the CPU availability bar.
Old specification with setting Kernel turned off.
Adjustment of sound analyzer. In addition to assembling of partial operations, readjust the calculation contents
in various ways and improve the display contents. Significantly faster and lighter.

[version 0b145 / 2017/06/01]
Fixed a problem that handle leak occurs when left on the lock screen at startup with the startup service.
Fixed a bug where the area to be reversed with FullR setting was incorrect in landscape style.
Fixed a problem that the disk I/O top at the portrait style was left-justified.
Fixed a bug that hot :: key :: minimize (minimize and restore) did not work.
Fixed the problem that color arrangement at the time of using style GYR was wrong at 0b144.
Create 4 different color modes for style GYR bar and sound GYR.
Fixed the problem that only Top Process IO could not be displayed.
Fixed a bug that was not displayed properly when only the graph of the list was turned on with the disc IO.
When using the vertical width maximum, if there are multiple monitors at the top and bottom,
not all the vertical width, but the monitor that is currently displayed. Changed to fit the vertical width.
Corrected the position correction to function properly with multi-monitor which is not rectangular.
Fixed a bug that was not restored by combining the maximum vertical width, the fitted state at the bottom,
and the reduced mode with no mouse over.

[version 0b144 / 2017/05/01]
In the startup service function, changed to operate properly when using Remote Desktop.
In Windows 10, when memory details and top process system are used, the capacity of Memory Compression
is displayed in gray.
Change of top process system
・Recreate stock method. It corresponds to a large scale environment such as VPS that process ID exceeds 65535.
・Fixed a bug that there are cases where the number of lines setting may not move.
・When enabled, when the cumulative value of Private Bytes of all processes is higher than the total memory use value,
change to apply the higher value. For virtual hosts such as VPS. In the case of VPS, the details are off recommended.
・When it is valid and the acquired value of the CPU utilization rate is 0, the cumulative value of the process availability is adopted. For VPS etc.
・Change the update frequency so that it can be specified in seconds instead of fixed multiple of frame.
Memory breaker
Fixed a problem that did not work properly with 0b143 release.
Changed service clone function so that it can be executed even in the normal version.
When the service is running, the memory breaker is on the service clone
Fixed so that it performs a single operation (it closes multiple simultaneous by thilmera's starting number).
GPU type, changed to display even if there is only basic render.
Disk I / O
・Change the usage rate from Disk Time to 100 - Idle Time.
・When FullR is off, usage rate is displayed as average value 20 times (1 second as standard).
Maximum 20 times when on.
・Fixed a problem that the maximum value at the right end of the IO graph was 1/10 by modifying 0b143.
Reduction of drawing load.

[version 0b143 / 2017/04/02]
DXGI calculation mode of GPU usage rate.
Change the update frequency from 1/20 frame to every frame. NVIDIA / AMD / IntelHD all applied.
Changed to calculate only the first node. Synchronize how to round numbers. Maintenance of the graph.
Adjustment of problems beyond 100%. Change to default setting.
If you want to make the old specification, turn off the GPU option DXGI.
Memory breaker function. When the physical memory becomes over specified%, forcibly terminate the process with
the highest memory usage.
Fixed a bug where the top process system exceeded the total number of processes of about 130, the function secured
memory stopped due to malfunction.
Fixed a bug that was not applied at the time of fixing the lower right, upper right fixed, position correction off.
Fixed a problem where the vertical width was not affected by the setting of "task bar".
Fixed a problem that garbled characters were still generated by rounding of characters.
Fixed some bar style line display.
CPU (GPU) Adds average 20 times smoothly.
Smooth animation of I/O graphs.
Added specification of individual line number of top process MEM.
Added option (old) to adopt WorkingSet for memory value.
NVIDIA system clock acquisition, memory controller = memory clock, video engine = video clock added.
Speed up some processing. Lower bug fixes. Weight reduction of floating point calculation.

[version 0b142 / 2017/03/05]

[version 0b141 / 2017/03/01]

[version 0b140 / 2017/02/01]

[version 0b139 Rev.2 / 2017/01/01]

[version 0b139 Rev.1 / 2017/01/01]

[version 0b139 / 2017/01/01]

[version 0b138 Rev.3 / 2016/10/04]

[version 0b138 Rev.2 / 2016/10/04]

[version 0b138 Rev.1 / 2016/10/02]

[version 0b138 / 2016/10/02]

[version 0b137 Rev.1 / 2016/09/23]

[version 0b137 / 2016/09/22]

[version 0b136 Rev.2 / 2016/09/13]

[version 0b136 Rev.1 / 2016/09/12]

[version 0b136 / 2016/09/12]

[version 0b135 / 2016/08/21]


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