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Windows Advance System Monitor
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Understand the PC's mood and bottleneck
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Always evolve with updates
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Memory purge
Memory breaker
Using a proxy
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Screenshot net sharing
stage 1 Live Stream Audio Visualization Tool
realtime TCP-UDP info
SNTP time adjustment
PC to PC data share
Regional temperature and weather
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thilmera is heavy!?
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CPU temperature is not displayed
Non-administrator authority after 0b154 and lite version
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Network and Security
Use in environments that do not connect to the network
About security and transmission data
Update and software reliability
Acquisition of license key

 thilmera7s (and thilmera7s64, generally called S version, S edition) are not product software.
 This edition is not a functional intention, but a service version for those who acknowledged the value to thilmera, so it will not be able to do something much more, even if something that can be profitable with sales There is none.
 Other editions, which are freeware versions, are also used for the use of functions requiring digital signatures and security for safely performing updates, and for the purpose of mitigating this expensive digital signature fee, basic freeware Although it is, it takes the form of shareware bundled (something like a bonus for frequent donation welcome).

 The key requires two passwords, User and Key.

 The license key is a one-year valid license, which is 1000 JPY per case (in the case of no brokerage fee).

 An Internet connection environment is required to use the license. be careful.

 PayPal is available for payment.

 Please see the terms of shareware before purchase.

  Paypal (2016/05/07) Payment with PayPal starts after 2016/05/07 with license key It is designed to be automatically issued. The fee is the cheapest (80 JPY) and will be effective on the same day.
 This payment system has been actually tested by acquaintance as of May 20, 2016/07.

 In the case of updating or extending the license for the second time or later, please obtain the license key in the same way as the first time.

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