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Windows Advance System Monitor
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*The monitor off keep function added the other day has no effect on the PC unless "Keep monitor OFF" is executed.

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 There are two types of thilmera, an old portable package zip and an installer version of msi introduced from 0b148.

 Introduction of thilmera is a zip file of digital signed msi file downloaded from a software distribution site (Vector, Madono Mori, SoftPedia) linked from the official website (
 Place it in an arbitrary place and expand it.
 Please be sure not to execute it because it is a malicious software using thilmera who is not distributed digitally signed by "Gakuto Matsumura" in the distributed executable file or installer.

 If you want to uninstall, check the following procedure.

・ Check if shortcut etc created by yourself is on desktop or start menu, delete it if it exists. (This installer version does not require this work)
・ If you registered thilmera 's startup service, select "Property> Details> UAC startup service delete". (This installer version does not require this work)
・ If thilmera is running, it exit.
・ Select msi used for installation, or delete thilmera 7 from adding or deleting programs. (This work is unnecessary for portable version)
・ Delete folders where thilmera is expanded. (This installer version does not require this work)

 If you can not uninstall the installer version for some reason, there is a possibility that the service registration function is used and the main unit is not activated.
 In that case, sorry to trouble you, open the command prompt with administrator privileges,

 sc stop "thilmera7 service"
 sc delete "thilmera7 service"

 Execute the uninstallation again from the program and function after executing the two lines.

 thilmera does not register anything on the OS unless you use the service registration function or the canonical installer version.

 An example of an original file expanded by zip below.
thilmera7.exeprogram body
thilmera7_64.exeprogram body(64bit)
thilmera7lite.exeprogram body(non-administrator authority version)
thilmera7s.exeprogram body(Donation preferential version)
thilmera7s64.exeprogram body(Donation preferential version64bit)
thilmera7.chsum check file
about7.strSentence data of version information
about7.pngimage file of version informatio
alert.wavsound data for temperature warning
screen_shot.wavsound data when screen shot is saved
screen_shot2.wavsound data when screen shot is saved
readme.htmlpackage readme
readme.version.txtversion update history
readme.pngImage file in readme
COPYRIGHT-en.txtcopyright notice
COPYRIGHT-ja.txtcopyright notice
color/ *.infdefault color theme
dotfont/ *.bmpdefault dot font
wallpaper/ *.png, *.bmpSample background image

Copyright © 弦生ささと(Gakuto Matsumura) All Rights Reserved.