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Windows Advance System Monitor
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*The monitor off keep function added the other day has no effect on the PC unless "Keep monitor OFF" is executed.
 ■ [!] Attention
In thilmera 0b165 to 0b165 Rev.1, the bug that the update is not executed correctly was found.
If you have updated to this version, please run the updater directly instead of using Silmera itself.
Those who have been automatically updated to 0b165 have thilmera7u.exe or thilmera7us.exe of the date after April 13, 2020 in the same folder.
It will be updated by quitting Silmera and executing it (run as an administrator if it is below program files).
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Also, thilmera7u.exe or thilmera7us.exe is old. Or if you do not have it, you can download it from the following.
Extract it to the same folder and execute it.
  What is thilmera?
 thilmera 7 is a system monitor for Windows that displays the performance and status of your PC in a compact size in real time.
 Since 2001, the author's individual hobbies have been fully expanded and everyone's opinions have been stuffed in, and Thilmera, which continues to evolve independently, is not an old and completed application. In order to absorb opinions, pursue the ideal form for more people, and continue to support the latest hardware, we are still seeking and updating the live voice of users.
Since it is developed for the purpose of technical study and research of the author, there is no exploitation of information that is likely to occur in freeware and installation of extra software for commercial purposes, so you can use it with confidence.
 ■ Category
 Windows general-purpose freeware / system monitor / performance monitor / temperature sensor / time adjustment / memory cleaning / VRAM display / sound analyzer (visualizer) / screenshot
 Compact real-time display of PC load, temperature, usage, transfer band, sound, etc.
 ■ What kind of software?
 A system monitor that compactly displays the usage, operating rate, and temperature of CPU, GPU, disk, memory, network, input/output sound, etc. in real time.
 By displaying various information in process units, what is causing the PC to be heavy now? You can visually understand how much the burden on your PC is now.
 As a desktop accessory, it has been evolving even now, even though some users have said that it is fun just to look at it.
 ■ Who is making it?
 Thilmera is a pure Japanese software that is designed, developed, operated and maintained by the same person.
 Developer's name is "弦生ささと (Gakuto Matsumura)". The signature is "Gakuto Matsumura".
 ■ What kind of function does it have?
  • In addition to the current load status and health status, you can find the target bottleneck of system load in real time.
  • It is possible to determine at a glance whether the CPU or GPU of the hardware is insufficient for the application.
  • A function that warns or shuts down when the temperature of each hardware exceeds a specified value.
  • Screenshot saving function. You can easily select rectangles, cut and save the active window, etc., and easily share them on the Web.
  • The data sharing function between PCs can display information from multiple PCs at once.
  • Manual and automatic memory purge function, and memory breaker function to avoid 100% memory.
  • Process-based real-time report function on PC.
  • Video memory (VRAM) display.
  • A sound analyzer function that visualizes the sound of the PC. (Real-time visualizer of all sound of PC)
  • Includes DMTt7 with a new UI that eliminates the speed bottleneck of Disk Mirroring Tool, which is a file mirror tool.
  • Display of weather information. (API key required)
  • Monitor off keep function that is also effective for DisplayPort monitors.

  • The unique user interface makes it easy to customize and can be enjoyed as a desktop accessory.
  • You can easily move windows and temporarily hide them by mouseover.
  • Equipped with multiple dedicated high-speed dot fonts. You can also use any Windows font.
  • It has wide compatibility from Windows XP to Windows 10.

  • Support English display.
     ■ Beware of non-genuine packages
    Please do not download thilmera from distribution sites not mentioned on this page.
    thilmera is a zip file published and signed msi installer. There are three official automatic update distributions. Executable files or installers are all digitally signed with the "Gakuto Matsumura" brand. Do not execute any other signatures or unsigned files (publisher: unknown, etc.).
    There are no advertisements or bundled software installed in the thilmera distribution.

    The official distribution is as follows. Be sure to use thilmera downloaded from these. (Except the test version written by the administrator of the bulletin board)
      MajorGeeks.Com (Mirror)
    ■ twitter
    thilmera developer's Twitter account is @thilmera7.
    The account where the excerpt of the bulletin board contents and the author information is tweeted is @thilmera.
    If you want to follow the contents of the bulletin board, @thilmera. Follow @thilmera7 if you just want to know about development and release information.
    ■ Support - thilmera7s fund raising version 1 year license
    License key will be automatically issued after payment.
    thilmera7s license
    ■ Support - Donation (
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     ■ Display is strange?
     Most numbers can not be acquired well. If you get suddenly strange display please see "Display is wrong" in the help.
     ■ gdipp needs exception settings
     gdipp to thilmera, also will be more and more consume memory because you are drawing many times in one second. When using gdipp please be sure to exclude thilmera.
     ■ Worried about accessing the net
    Please see "Use in environments that do not connect to the network" in the help for all access to the network that thilmera7 makes.
     ■ Uninstall
     Please see "Install/Uninstall" in the help.
     ■ Use within an organization such as a company
     As long as you do not use it for commercial purposes (such as selling the program itself), there is no restriction on use by any group.
     ■ Media relations (publication, news, etc.)
     Please be sure to contact "thilmera" for permission.
     ■ link policy
     The top page and each page are link-free. The links are free, but excessive access such as copying (uploading reprints), scraping, and bots is prohibited.

     ■ screenshot

    【tcp udp report】

    【process report】

    【property window (english)】

    ■ Special Thanks!
      guttii@kuroino (illustrator/5th シルたん)
      OKU! (illustrator/1-3rd シルたん)
      Chikuro (2016/07月までのサーバー管理)
      Thomas (illustrator/Donate illustration シルたん)

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